- P Cubeecrafts

This is where I post my Cubeecrafts.

Skips (Version 2)

I wasn’t happy with my previous Skips, so I made some modifications.

Benson (Regular Show)
Whereas I’ve used images from the show as the bases for the other Regular Show Cubees, I constructed this one around this piece of fanart, which I really like.
Hi-5 Ghost (Regular Show)
Adapted from a design by Cyberdrone.
The Lost Doctor (The Name of the Doctor)
An original design by me!

Artie Nielsen (Warehouse 13)

An original design by me!

Pops (Regular Show)
An original template by me!
(He’s a bit top heavy.)
Rigby (With right colored arms)

Muscle Man

Know who else has a Muscle Man Cubeecraft?


Fuffy T!
An original design by me! (Based on an old friend who passed away a few years back.)
An original design by me!